Friday, December 13, 2013

some christmassy sewing

It's been quiet around here. There has been a little bit of sewing, though. Mostly christmassy stuff. I made a little reversible smock in christmassy fabric for V., because I thought it would be nice to commemorate her first Christmas with a handmade item of clothing.

reversible smock in christmassy fabric

The pattern is from Ottobre Design magazine issue 1/2012. The fabric I used for the reverse side is not quite as christmassy, so I hope she'll be wearing it for a while even once Christmas is over.

reversible smock in christmassy fabric

I especially love the criss-crossing back, so cute and classic!

smock back

My sister-in-law knit these brilliant socks. Together with some tights, a onesie and the smock they make a really adorable outfit!

christmassy handknit socks

I'm also making V. her own Christmas stocking. (Like these I made for J. and myself. Pattern from Stitched in Time.) Let's see if I can finish it in time ...

button initial christmas stocking wip

Last year I cut up a bunch of squares for a Christmas quilt. I managed to sew 2 blocks! :-D

simple christmassy patchwork

I also made a little elf following the pattern in Scandinavian Stitches. That was last year, though. I only now got around to taking a pic! I think it's unlikely I'll post any more this year, so I'd like to wish everyone a lovely Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2014! (2014????!!!!)